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Using technology to support teaching and learning

USE IT is a project designed at a last year’s EU LLP LdV/Grundtvig Contact Seminar on the use of IT in education and training by 7 partner institutions. It deals with the requirements concerning methodology and didactics in 21st century’s teaching and training and is based on the observation, that possibilities implied in the use of modern ICT are quite often disregarded in daily educational work.
Teachers and instructors in enterprises on the other hand face a Generation, whose perception is very much influenced by these electronic media.
Therefore the aims of this project have to be: To lead teachers and trainers in all educational contexts to an intensified use of the possibilities offered by the ICT technologies, to motivate them to use the media, and to qualify substantially to reduce or even close the “digital gap” between themselves, the “digital immigrants”, and their students, trainees or apprentices, the “digital natives”.
This partnership will be supported by a large number of accompanying activities. All staff involved will get a lot
of authentic experiences by working together. And so this project idea symbolizes the European spirit in various ways and exemplifies the value of European cooperation.

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