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Byåsen Upper Secondary School is a many-sided school offering both academic and vocational programmes. We offer a) study specialization, with programme areas for math and natural science, language and social studies and economics, b) health and social studies, c) media and communication, d) restaurant and food and e) technique and industrial production. We have a department for pupils who are multi handicapped and autistic, and in addition a technical college educating students to become managers at intermediate level. All in all 1100 pupils and students (2014).

The training is carried out in such a way that practice follows theory. Therefore training is often carried out in firms or other places of work so that that the contents of the training is closely related to the reality outside the school.


Both pupils and teachers can make their influence felt on what is going on.


The vision of the school is: “An enjoyable and attractive school in which all are unique and cooperate in teams”. Our fundamental values are described by the following words: confident, generous and inspiring. The pedagogical platform of the school was revised 2014.



Much of what our school does, rests on partnerships with other activities, both private and public. For firms and institutions it is a unique possibility to stimulate talents to become interested in their branches, for our school and the pupils it is a possibility to acquire relevant and up-to-date knowledge in a realistic way.


Problem-oriented learning

Traditional classroom training is here often replaced by problem-oriented learning and a variety of methods, very often in the form of projects. Therefore the pupils may develop their personal competence – initiative, creativity, critical thinking, cooperative ability and responsibility. The training takes as its starting point the experience and the level of knowledge of the pupil.




Byåsen Upper Secondary School gives the pupils a chance to work in groups of various sizes for different lengths of periods. Simply put the whole area of the school is in fact for training purposes. Here knowledge can be acquired in small and big auditoriums taking from 60 pupils to 300 pupils in which you will find the most modern audio visual equipment. But it is as important that the school areas are organised for school work and learning. Here you will find individuals or groups working intensively, as often in the school canteen as in the science laboratory, one day in the school library, the next in the forest.


The pupils have an easy access to information and communication technology, therefore the school library is located on a central spot of the school. This is the educational service centre of the school.




You can visit the library, exercise at the fitness centre, buy a cup of coffee and something to eat in the canteen – you can do all this without leaving the school premises. In this way the school will not only be a modern school but also a place to meet for all in the neighbourhood – open and available. The central part of the school is open until 22 pm.

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